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Turnout Technologies

Vossloh is one of the worldwide leaders in turnouts and crossings for all types of networks: high speed, heavy haul, railways, metros and tramways. Its know-how is available for global solutions.

The expertise in the railway environment acquired by Vossloh enables it to perfectly interface its products with all existing equipment and incorporate its products on the track efficiently. Its experience accumulated in more than 80 countries, associated with its industrial power, enables it to design and manufacture a range of products meeting all the technical and financial requirements of the market.

National Railways
Vossloh customizes its products to meet the requirements of each network. Its industrialized solutions provide the highest level of safety and comfort for passengers. Component and product innovations include cast manganese frogs with flash-welded legs, and safety and control devices.

Urban Transport
Vossloh proposes a full range of turnouts and crossings for all types of metros and tramways.

Vossloh has repeatedly proven its ability to rapidly install and commission preassembled and pretested points and crossings, for both light- and heavy-duty local transport systems running on tires or tracks. In this way, traffic interruptions caused by installation work are minimized and costs are optimized.

Vossloh also develops turnkey solutions for trams operating in the world’s biggest cities, irrespective of rail profile or type of system. Components such as machined monobloc switches provide enhanced comfort, safety and reliability.

Very High Speeds
Vossloh is a development pioneer and for many infrastructure operators a preferred supplier of high-speed points and crossings. The first units were supplied for France’s South-East TGV as far back as 1980. Vossloh technology and, specifically, the cast manganese frogs with movable points, a Vossloh patent, combined with the integrated inclined running table, allows trains to negotiate these switches at very high speeds. In fact, in 1991 the Atlantic TGV negotiated points and crossings designed and produced by Vossloh at a speed of 501 km/h.

More than 700 turnouts and crossings, specially designed for high speeds, have been provided by Vossloh to different very high-speed networks throughout the world (Spain, Italy, Belgium, Korea, Scandinavia...).

Special Tracks
Thanks to its ability to adapt its products and its extensive experience gained from all types of trackage, Vossloh can develop innovative solutions to very specific problems: heavy-duty trackage as used for the Ariane rocket at Kourou, the Californian switch, special trackage for the Lyon metro, trackage for harbor trains, etc.
Special cast parts for switch rails
Vossloh produces special forged parts for switch rails (more than 10,000 different profiles) thanks to a computer controlled ultra high performance press.