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Vossloh Fastening Systems

Reliable, safe and virtually maintenance-free, long spring deflection, high tensioning force, high creep resistance, effective protection against rail tilting.

Our product range includes fasteners for ballasted and slab tracks for all climatic zones and load profiles, from heavy haul to high speed as well as urban tracks.

Building on his tried-and-tested solutions, Vossloh is developing fastening systems to cope with special requirements, for example heavy haul lines subject to high temperature fluctuations – in Russia, North and South America or Australia, temperatures ranging from as low as -60° C to +60° C have a punishing impact on rails.

Vossloh fastening systems ensure that the track constantly maintains the same properties. The tension clamps combine exceptional holding force, superior dynamic fatigue strength and stable creep resistance all in one. This ensures safe operation even under extreme conditions, with wear remaining minimal and maintenance and low operating costs.

Track maintenance
The rail is permanently fastened by spring actuation by means of the two independant torsion spring arms of the tension clamp, whereby the fastening requires no maintenance.

Special solutions
Special solutions and modifications are available for bridge structures and numerous other requirements.

Conversion systems
To follow up a special requirements of the railway companies, Vossloh Fastening Systems developes new rail fastening systems for already installed sleepers (in concrete, wood or steel). Especially referring to the purpose to extend the endurance of the sleepers essentially by insertion of a corresponding fastening system.

Protection against tilting
Any uplifting or tilting of the rail which occurs during tamping of the track or when running through narrow track curves is absorbed by the middle bend of the tension clamp. Permanent deformation of the outer spring arms is therefore excluded.

All the fastening components can be manually or automatically pre-assembled in the sleeper factory. The rail is set inat the construction site. Fastening components can neither be lost during transport nor during track laying.

The sleeper screw is loosened by 2-3 turns. The tension clamp is pushed into the assembly position and tightened. A simple work step which requires no special training. Assembly can be carried out using simple commercially available screwing machines or automatic screwing aggregates.

Track adjustment
A track adjustment (+/- 10 mm) is available as standard for many fastening systems.

Height adjustment
Many Vossloh rail fastening systems can be adjusted in height by using height regulation plates (rail pads of variable thickness). This is also referred to as anti-frost wedge fastening in many countries.

Additional Advantages:
  • Improved ride comfort through highly elastic rail pads and/or intermediate pads
  • Noise and vibration absorbing by the use of highly elastic rail pads and/or intermediate pads
  • All components are exchangeable
  • Should a rail change become necessary, the tension clamp is simply pushed back into the pre-assembled position after the sleeper screw is loosened

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