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Vossloh Group

The Vossloh Group's activities are subdivided into three plus one division. The individual companies are centrally coordinated by the holding company, Vossloh AG, and operate in common under the Vossloh brand.

Our Core Components division bundles our range of self-developed and industrially manufactured mass products required in sizable quantities for rail infrastructure projects—primarily rail fastening systems.

In our Customized Modules division we offer customers single-source solutions on the basis of our worldwide experience and skills in the development and manufacture of project-specific switch systems.

The Lifecycle Solutions division supplies comprehensive rail maintenance services including, in particular, preventive care, maintenance, and the machining of rails and turnouts along with rail logistics.

The Transportation division offers customers a broad range including locomotives, electrical components for rail vehicles, and trolleybuses.

Core Components

Vossloh Fastening Systems
For over a century, Vossloh Fastening Systems has been among the leading manufacturers of rail fastening systems ensuring safe rail traffic in over 65 countries. Whatever the type of line—conventional, heavy-duty freight or high-speed passenger, Vossloh’s fastening systems are industry standard.

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Customized Modules

Vossloh Switch Systems (Vossloh Cogifer)
Vossloh Switch Systems (Vossloh Cogifer) enjoys a foremost international position in the market for advanced switches. The business unit equips rail networks with its switch, actuating and monitoring systems. The lineup embraces switches for all types of rail applications, from (sub)urban via heavy-goods to high-speed. Vossloh Switch Systems is the world’s second biggest supplier of these products.

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Lifecycle Solutions

Vossloh Rail Services
Vossloh Rail Services provides all kinds of life-cycle servicing and maintenance work, from production and shipment of the long rails via maintenance and preventive care to the reconditioning and recycling of old rails. With its proprietary innovative technologies and state-of-the-art techniques the business unit ensures that today’s rails possess ultimate durability and safety.

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Transportation division

The Transportation division offers customers a broad range including locomotives, electrical components for rail vehicles, and trolleybuses.
Vossloh Locomotives - Kiel location
The Kiel location develops and builds advanced-technology diesel-electric and diesel-hydraulic locomotives fitted with eco-friendly technologies and homologated for operation in numerous European countries. Many of these are also engineered for cross-border interoperability in different countries.

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Vossloh Electrical Systems (Vossloh Kiepe)
Vossloh Electrical Systems (Vossloh Kiepe) develops and produces key innovative electrical components and systems for (sub)urban road and rail public transport services. From Athens to Vancouver, from Bremen to Geneva, and from Philadelphia to Gdansk, you’ll find trams and trolleybuses operating with state-of-the-art technology from Vossloh Kiepe.

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